The East and Central Africa Interpretation(ECAI) Tour and Travel is a company registered in Uganda and exist for enhancement of your tour experience in the Eastern and Central African region.

ECAI’s services target “tourism product value addition” through the art and science of interpreting the natural, cultural and experiential tourism product especially offered by the Pearl of Africa (Uganda), Pays Des Milles Collines (country of thousands of hills; Rwanda) and Eastern DRC Congo which are known primarily as global destinations for observation of the only existing (840) Mountain gorillas freely ranging in their habitat. Ecologically these countries provide a transition between vast East African Savanna and dense West Afro-tropical rain forests; giving a visitor an opportunity to observe a wide spectrum of wildlife species from both eco-tomes with a lot of ease.

So why choose ECAI for your tourism experience??

1. We strive to guarantee Customer satisfaction

The satisfaction of our clients is the upmost importance to us. We want them to have a well arranged enhanced experience with us and have them recommend their friends; in addition to make them return clients because of the uniquely and professionally provided services and tourism products.

2. You deal with the owners

The client will deal directly with the owners of the company and the owners get involved in designing itineraries, updating clients and dealing with the logistics of our safaris and if you decide to travel with us we guarantee this personalized expert care will continue throughout your safari or tour.

3. Local knowledge and experience in the region

As indigenous people from Uganda, we have a very intimate and working understanding and knowledge of the culture, land, history, natural history and general biodiversity of Uganda, Eastern and Central Africa Region. The ECAI team have personally visited all the destinations and accommodations and the team often makes return trips to ensure the high standards requirements of ECAI tours and travel are meet. The itineraries and group tours are simple but we want to create special custom tailored safaris for our clients and listening to what the client would like to see and experience during the tour and creating truly unique experiences. Our in-depth knowledge allows you to explore the unexplored of Uganda, East Africa and Africa. With our effort to interpret resources; the “story is the thing” which connects the visitor with the resources, hence facilitating our clients to return to home their countries when they are more knowledgeable.

4. Expert guides

At the core of every successful tour or safari is a great guide. We want to make your safari/ tour memorable with a team of professional guides with variety of languages spoken including English, German, French and Spanish, and we can always arrange for other languages given prior notice. Our philosophy of resource interpretation has attracted well experienced guides who have a working knowledge and location of even subtle resources which are missed by ordinary tour guides

5. The best pricing

What we offer:

ECAI tours and travel as its name states is company that seeks to interpret the different tourism resources that are on offer to the client so that he or she has a memorable experience resulting from a combination of recreation, entertainment for enjoyment and acquisition of new knowledge all made possible by our well trained, experienced and professional guides. ECAI will make sure from the list of activities chosen by the clients there will be in-depth knowledge of the resource interpretation, so that the client gets his or her money’s worth and this is our core value to maintain our business partnership.

Activities and guiding services:

1.Kampala urban and peri- urban tour and guiding services

This includes guiding our clients through the various sections of our major cities depicting historical, cultural, religious resources and city activities like shopping in shopping malls around the city, crafts and souvenirs especially from the Buganda road and National Theater crafts markets. The National Theater for our local dramas and plays if they so wish and also the privately owned ampi-theater of the Ndere troupe for cultural dances of Uganda every Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays. The guiding services will also involve visiting the National museum and other cultural sites around the city, local art galleries, places of worship and Kampala’s night life like discotheques and bars.

2.Nature based activities and services

ECAI tours and travel guide and accompany the prospective clients to participate in activities in a Safari package that can involve wildlife tracking, nature guided walks, mountaineering or mountain climbing, forest walks, great ape (chimpanzee, gorilla) tracking, lake launch trips (boat cruises, canoeing), community walks, game viewing, bird watching, primate viewing, butterfly watching, sport fishing, cycling and scenery viewing. ECAI tours and travel can cater for thrill seeking clients like white water rafting and kayaking on the mighty river Nile, mountain biking, quad biking and bungee jumping

3.Experiential tourism opportunities:

ECAI tours and travel makes arrangement for prospective clients to undertake experiential tourism opportunities through active participation; including but not limited to: On-farm activities, local ceremonies, artisan processing, homestead hospitality, wildlife habituation and research, interaction with communities via sports, volunteering in education and other social responsibilities.

ECAI tours and travel Home base:

The company is truly home grown in Uganda and deals in providing quality travel experiences to discerning travelers. As a relatively new company we are dedicated to conserving Uganda and the region’s natural and cultural resources, and with time actively get involved in supporting activities to promote domestic tourism initiatives, community socio-economic endeavors, while at the same time having a well established Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Uganda is located in Eastern Africa. It is a meeting point for the Africa Ecological Zones including Savana Africa in the north east, Tropical Africa in the south, Equatorial forests in the West, Semi arid Africa in the north, and because of its relatively high altitude (1500 m a.s.l) along the equator; one finds mountains with alpine zones and glacial capped peaks. The good climate, ever green environment and a mix of amicable 56 tribes makes Uganda very beautiful so much that the British Statesman Lord Churchill described it as the “Pearl of Africa”

The main aerial entry into Uganda is at Entebbe International Airport; built on a peninsular of Lake Victoria; named after Queen Alexandrina Victoria (the last half of 19th century Queen Great Britain) by the explorer John Hanning Speke, the first Briton-European to document it which he accomplished in 1858 as he explored and navigated to find the source of the world’s longest river Nile as it exists from the lake Victoria; a spot currently popular for its white water rafting and a must visit.

With a surface area of 68,800 square kilometers (26,600 sq miles), Lake Victoria is Africa's largest lake by area, and is also the largest tropical lake in the world. Lake Victoria is the world's second largest freshwater lake by surface area; only Lake Superior in North America is larger in terms of its volume. Landing at Entebbe gives you a spectacular view and attachment to its rich history especially if you fly in during the day.

To explore the national parks and game reserves of Uganda, please follow this link
Uganda Wildlife Authority

ECAI Tour Guide orientation

This section advises our clients the Dos and Don’ts to bear in mind to ensure they enjoy their tour experience responsibly.

Ugandan People and Culture

Familiarize yourself about Uganda by reading guidebooks and other publications and travel articles that detail the local history, culture and customs of the people of Uganda. It is equally important for you to learn a few common phrases of the local languages i.e. hello, please!, thank you, good day, etc

Be sensitive to the local culture by wearing clothing that is accepted, and always observe local customs where deemed important especially at some cultural sites in the country. Note: “Ugandan women rarely wear pants but rather skirts and dresses that cover the knees. Blouses and dresses usually have sleeves. Having a kitenge rap in a lady’s assortment is very useful as one can use it any time when you have to copy up with a conservative Ugandan audience and is modest and comfortable when squatting, bending, stooping or sitting”

Similarly, beware of people’s sensitivity to being photographed; always ask first. Please do not brag around or display wealth like jewelery, cameras before the locals some are curious about them in their presence.

Beware of the difference in cultural values and norms between you, other visitors and those of the local Ugandans. This may include different concepts of time, personal space, communication etc. The tourism fraternity and the rural people in Uganda however observe time and are free to interact with in any way.

Gifts and Tipping

In case one wants to give gifts for local people, pack the gifts and give them direct to community elders or group leaders, or through your guide so that you don't encourage begging tendencies from children. However, tips to guides, drivers and restaurant staff should be given directly in terms of cash or any material.

Minimizing bio-physical and social impacts on attractions

Learn about critical ecosystems and always feel free to ask your guide about their established environmental guidelines for limiting and improving tourist impact on the environment and local culture. General guidelines involve staying on trails i.e. no off-track driving; maintaining set distances away from wildlife.

Demonstrate responsible behavior to other travelers who are less informed than you are by acting as an example by using local transportation, Uganda guides or dealing directly with local tour and travel providers, inns, restaurants and local Ugandan markets to benefit the local economy.

Promotion of being a responsible eco-tourist (one of ECAI tours and travel’s objective)

Do not buy any animal and plant products while travelling or at the site, or remove any of the latter from nature and don’t encourage your guide to hunt endangered or threatened species or harvest rare plants for your pleasure.

Endeavour to participate in natural and cultural conservation or preservation projects and learn how you can minimize impact on the ecosystem as well as how you can contribute to the protection of these ecosystems. Do this by attending lectures, community gatherings and pre-activity mini briefings. Lastly, return home with increased awareness and concern for environmental and social issues in the Eastern and Central Africa Region, and continue to behave in an environmentally conscious way.

First Aid and emergencies

ECAI tour vehicles and guide have a first aid kit their travel with and are ready to assist. For group travel we make effort of create a rapport which helps group members know each other’s professions which can be drawn upon in emergencies. The guide has a Written Emergence Contingent Plan to execute in the situation when emergency is required by clients while they are on Safari

We appreciate of cautiously choosing ECAI Tours and Travel to partner in you tour ventures


Take a walk in the stunning forest, listening intently for the chorus of hoots or drumming on the tree buttresses that will announce the presence of chimpanzees, or just enjoy a leisurely forest walk through pristine rain forests that support tremendous biodiversity, including hundreds of species of birds, butterflies, and plants

Experience the anticipation of tracking the critically endangered mountain gorillas and the thrilling sense of awe and wonder as you finally see these great apes in their natural environment.

Tour Uganda National Parks and see the big “Five” and other game in reality, Venture through to the thrilling white water rafting on the source of the Nile which boasts sevel grade 5 rapids and some of the best  white water rafting in the world.

About  ECAI tours and travel additional information
The East and Central Africa Interpretation Tours and Travel (ECAI) is truly home grown and is working in providing quality travel experiences to discerning travelers. As a relatively new company we are dedicated to professionalism in serving our customers, innovating new tourist product to increase the Recreational Opportunity Spectrum (ROS), conserving Uganda’s natural and cultural resources and with time actively get involved in supporting activities by local tourism initiatives and socio-economic activities in Uganda and also have a well established corporate social responsibility (CSR).

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